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Community Projects

"We also consider the bigger picture in our community projects."

MEGGLE involves itself in the life of the community around its company premises. Nor does this apply merely to the region local to our head office in Wasserburg but worldwide and wherever we do business. We have a long history of such commitments. On the one hand, our status as a local employer and business partner means we make a substantial contribution to the community's positive social and cultural development. We create jobs and training opportunities with fair working conditions, we continuously expand both our workforce and our customer base, and we stimulate economic growth by the purchase of goods and services. On the other hand, we sponsor community and cultural projects and support numerous organisations involved in this kind of work.

Just some of our many activities in this field are listed below:

MEGGLE Young Enterprise Award

MEGGLE encourages young SME entrepreneurs from the  Wasserburg region with the MEGGLE Young Enterprise Award.

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