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Consumers all over the world value the high quality and the enjoyable taste of MEGGLE products. Both are based on more than 130 years of experience and the associated know-how from dealing with the precious raw materials milk and whey.

Different markets – different needs. The MEGGLE Consumer Products Business Unit meets those needs, satisfying customers’ wishes in tune with the specific requirements of the individual country and market. Our product range is extremely wide. Whether cream, butter specialties, yogurts and desserts, cheese and spreads or our chilled baguettes – in addition to our classic products Premium Butter and the original herb butter. In all countries of the world, we stand for highest quality. Convince yourself:

“Best raw materials, passion and experience – with these ingredients MEGGLE products become a pure pleasure.”

For many years now, professional caterers working in community catering, hotels, restaurants and general catering have been relying on the efficient MEGGLE Food Service, and for a good reason: as the inventor of the butter portion and the market leader in butter specialities, we have incomparable experience and expertise which we put to the best use for our customers. In addition to butter and the great variety of butter preparations, the MEGGLE range also comprises different products from the business area of cream. What distinguishes our range and what our wholesale partners can always rely on are high-quality products, clear and easily comprehensible customer benefits, outstanding taste and good value for money.

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“As the inventor of the butter portion and the market leader in butter specialities, we have incomparable expertise.”

Our Excipients & Technology Business Group is a valued partner of the pharmaceutical industry. Having been in the market for more than 60 years, we have developed a multifaceted product portfolio: besides excipients for granulating and capsule filling, it also encompasses state-of-the-art special products for the direct compression of tablets and dry powder inhalers. We are the world leader in the distribution of lactose and co-processed excipients thanks to our outstanding product quality and clever innovations. MEGGLE pharmaceutical lactose, for instance, is used as a carrier substance in many medicines. It has a totally neutral effect within the human organism and causes no undesirable interactions with other substances in the medicaments.

We manufacture our products in ultramodern facilities around the clock and already exceed the applicable quality standards. We are in constant contact with many scientific institutions around the world to enable us to supply our customers with the best products for their application. In addition to product development and manufacture, we also make our technical know-how available to process development and contract manufacturing.

MEGGLE Excipients & Technology operates in more than 100 countries through authorised agents, all of whom are integrated into our global cGMP/GDP system. Our customers are predominantly manufacturers of pharmaceutical products and food supplements. The functionality of our products is also valued in sectors like the cosmetics and detergent industries.

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“The pharmaceutical industry has been relying on our products and know-how for over 60 years.”

MEGGLE’s Business Group Food Ingredients & Solutions produces and distributes ingredients and solutions for the food industry worldwide. Our products are based on the raw materials milk and whey and are used as ingredients in the food industry. Many years of experience give us the opportunity to advise our customers on development and production and provide customer-specific individual solutions. The Business Group Food Ingredients & Solutions is all about customer-focused service - individual expert assistance right from the first meeting to a reliable delivery.

“One of the most important services in our portfolio: customer focus!”


MEGGLE produces a range of commodities, based on the raw materials of skimmed milk and whey, for the most diverse uses in the food industry.
The product range consists of casein, caseinate, lactose, WPC, MPC and Fondolac.


This product group is subdivided into several segments:


In the dairy segment, we supply functional milk protein compounds and hydrocolloid combinations for stabilising the most diverse dairy products and for manufacturing recombined dairy products under simple technological conditions.


In addition to fat powders for soups, sauces and other convenience products, our savoury product segment also encompasses functional compounds for stabilising meats and cold meat products, as well as mayonnaises and salad sauces.


In this segment, we develop fat powders and foaming agents for use in sweet pastries or desserts. Our product range also includes various coffee creamers and foamers for use in various coffee specialities.

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MEGGLE – our ingredients for your success.

Our Business Group Feed Ingredients is specialised in producing and distributing partially de-lactosed whey powders worldwide. Due to the partial removal of lactose, our product has twice as much protein as a regular whey powder.

Partially de-lactosed whey powders are ideal components for use in the milk-substitute, compound feed and pet food industries and are regarded as extremely high-quality sources of protein compared to regular whey powders. Highly specialised technologies and state-of-the-art production plants enable us to manufacture also combined products made from vegetable fat and partially de-lactosed whey powders.

As we have many years of experience in processing whey, we at MEGGLE can guarantee our customers high-quality products and assist them as an extremely reliable and flexible partner.

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“MEGGLE stands for high quality, flexibility and total reliability.”

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Environment & climate

For MEGGLE, treating nature with care is a key component of our corporate culture.


The group of companies

The structure of our group of companies ensures flexibility and guarantees rapid decisions – and, at the same time, it represents the traditional character of the dairy.


Social commitment

MEGGLE is involved in the social environment of its company locations – not only in the region around our head office in Wasserburg, but the world over in every area in which we operate. 

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