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Honest Insights into Animal Husbandry: MEGGLE Takes the Next Step with its Report

NEW: Updated results and key figures from our MEGGLE milk farmers in the Review Stakeholder Communication:

Further improvement in the exchange between MEGGLE and the milk producers in the region is important. With this purpose, MEGGLE summarises the most important developments and key figures of MEGGLE milk producers every year. The results of surveys of farmers from recent years are also included.

The milk producers are inconceivable for the work at MEGGLE. The farmers have been supplying such a valuable raw material milk for decades in consistently top quality. This is one of the reasons why the cooperation between MEGGLE and the farmers should be intensified and the exchange strengthened. Among other things, MEGGLE wanted to know which topics are important to farmers, how farmers undergo agricultural training and what the situation regarding animal welfare and animal health is?

Updated key figures (status: 2019) are presented here:

  • 12 farms

now have a delivery quantity of over one million kilograms (kg) of raw milk per year, the average is 338,264 kg of raw milk per year and farm.

  • 287 milk producers

took part in a training course on "Communication Behavior in Agriculture" financed by MEGGLE in 2019.

  • 42 dairy cows

are kept on average on the farms of MEGGLE milk producers.

  • 286 farms

have received independent husbandry advice for improved animal welfare on their farms since 2018.

  • 100 percent

of the MEGGLE milk producers have switched to GMO-free feeding from European origin by the end of 2019. Since the beginning of April 2020, all MEGGLE milk producers have been VLOG certified.


If you would like to read the "Review Stakeholder Communication of MEGGLE Milk Producers 2019" with all results, please write a short mail to and we will send you a digital version (Report is only available in German).


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